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Our ecosystem aimed at the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine.
An ecosystem for mutually beneficial deals.
Make a big deal. Sell the business. Find a partner. Open a business abroad. Find investments. Create a multifunctional platform, social network, or crypto exchange. Sell innovative technologies. Make a high level presentation of your brand.
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Our support.
Artem Kovbel
Financial auditor #1 in Ukraine
Partner of Vigilant Forensic Boutique. Auditor and head of the forensic committee in the Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine.
Isaac Pintosevich
Professional business coach, author of world bestsellers
Professional Business Development Coach, author of world-wide bestsellers on health and self-development.
Dmytro Gavrylenko
Investment banker, real estate market expert
Head of the office of the European investment and development group Von der Heyden Group. Work with investments and asset acquisitions in the commercial and real estate sector.
Ivan Zimbitskiy
Business coach, Direct response marketing specialist, building sales funnels using USA technology
Founder of the GoldCoach
Owner of the Footyball Ukraine
Author of 5 books:
–– The Businessman's Jaws 1
–– The Businessman's Jaws 2
–– Free Your Brain
–– Anatomy of Moneylessness
Daria Didkovska
Entrepreneur, networker, investor
- Owner and CEO of APK-RESOURCE agricultural company - a leading supplier of raw feed for livestock
- Co-founder of Business Invest Office - a platform for creating new opportunities for cooperation in the field of international investment, politics and business
- Founder of the international women's ecosystem The Best Version (Club & Community)
Vladislav Savchenko
IT enterpreneur and expert
Ukrainian businessman, founder of the international group of companies Powercode, an expert in IT and crisis management. President of the European Association of Software Engineering. Winner of the Man of the Year award and recipient of the Manager of the Year nomination.
Maks Mei
Entrepreneur and investor in cooperation with China
Owner of Shanghai Jingtian (imports of agricultural products and industrial equipment).
Head of Future Intelligence investment company.
Owner of UAI medical company.
A popular blogger in China (more than 1 million subscribers).
Sergii Pirozhnikov
Investment Analyst, Business developer, troubleshooter
Economist, entrepreneur, specialist in the stock market, M&A, real estate and digital assets. From 2002 to 2014, has managed companies: Financial Company "Rezon", Investment Company "XXI Century Kharkov", Investment Group "Melon" and others. At present he is engaged in blockchain project development at Velas Network AG.
Our incredible team.
Strategic partners.
Media Partners
A portal that helps entrepreneurs to create, develop and scale their business.
PRIZMA Club - it is a closed club for entrepreneurs experienced in their niches, with an average business turnover of $ 5 million per year.
International IT company specializing in large web & mobile projects and digital marketing and outstaffing.
The reform office is a team of active youth in Kharkiv, aimed at improving the efficiency of city management and introducing innovations.
A club that develops financial literacy of the population.
International Banking House 1913, providing financial services: currencies and cryptocurrencies exchange, money transfers around the world.
An innovative educational training platform for business development.
SYNERGY is a science park that gives opportunities for startups in IT ecosystem.

UNIT.Kharkiv is an innovation park with a whole ecosystem and infrastructure for the development of business in the field of high technologies and creative industries.
International experts in the field of commercial and corporate law, direct investment, personal data protection and cybersecurity, intellectual property, compliance, complex foreign economic transactions.
An international club for successful women with offices in Kiev, Dubai, New York and Moscow. Entrepreneurs, experts, influencers, top managers, celebrities, politicians.
A community for communication and development of business owners and top managers. The club was created to improve the quality and profitability of the participants through the exchange of experience and personal growth.
SENATE project.
Transfer Technology Office.
TTO specializes in investing, sale, and scaling of innovative projects.
Our charity
Ostrovok Dobra helps poor families with many children and people with disabilities. The main focus of the foundation is sports and education.
Social contribution.
The activities of each team member and our partners are permeated with a social component.
You can join our projects and make your contribution in any form, not only financial one.
Charity organization Ostrovok Dobra
Our charity organization organizes charitable projects and events, supports orphanages, sponsors sport events and contributes to the development of low-income children and orphans as much as we can. And in 2021 we are developing a new directions – education for special children.
MyWood – eco-gifts made of wood and moss
MyWood company plants a tree from every product sold. We have already planted over 15,000 new trees!
Baobab EcoWorking
Baobab EcoWorking is a first cozy co-working that follows the principles of sustainability, sorting waste and holding events in this direction.
MentorZ is an educational project of Oleg Kalashnikov and Alexander Berezovoy. It is a program about reaching a new level of both financial and personal development. The program, which develops socially-right values and helps to identify your strengths, to improve them in the most motivating network and with constant support.
Chista Ukraine
An organization that creates and promotes projects aimed at the ecological development of Ukraine. One of the events was the Clean Games, where more than 400 people collected 4.5 tons of garbage near the Lake in Kharkiv in the form of a competition.
Fund Friend
SENATE, together with our partners, the FRIEND Charity Foundation, has a mission to help animals who have no one else to help. Our mission is to find loving families for homeless animals.
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Co-founder of SENATE, TTO, IT-холдинга eHold, SynCore, Tecor, основатель бренда ТОПИМ ВПЕРЁД
Vadim Sinegin
  • Entrepreneur and investor with partners and trusted contacts all over the world, in particular Monaco, London, Saudi Arabia, USA, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Balkans, Canada and other countries.
  • All businesses are imbued with a social purpose and various charitable activities.
  • Has a thousand useful contacts, can help in finding partners, contractors, various investments and much more.
  • Businessman in the area of IT, real estate, trade with China in a role of investor, partner or co-founder.
  • Founder of the investment group for launching startups, scaling existing businesses, and attracting international investment.
  • Partner of TrendLine IT Holding.
  • Founder of the charity association "Ostrovok Dobra" which helps the needy, orphans, special children, and the elderly. Also association is developing a direction of professional education of special children.
  • A traveler, who has visited 30+ countries in which he has made useful and trusted contacts.
Co-founder of SENATE
Oleg Kalashnikov
  • An entrepreneur with a successful 13-year experience in 16 business.

  • By the age of 25, he had more than 100 employees under his supervision.

  • He has learned the business from a dollar billionaire while living on his island in Cambodia at the age of 26.

  • Certified by the Canadian University coach.

  • Visited more than 30 countries, developing networking in each of them.

  • An expert in personal development.

  • Mentor for hundreds of students around the world.

  • Author of books, training programs, techniques, and online courses.

  • Speaker on the major events.

  • Member of the top business clubs.

  • Philosopher, writer.

  • Co-author of the book "S-class. Ride to Heaven.", translated into several languages, received many reviews from famous and reputable personalities, it became a bestseller according to the largest publishing house and the book portal Litres.

  • Author of meaningful songs and affirmations by MENTOR.

  • Together with his team, he planted tens of thousands of new trees.

  • Life without alcohol, cigarettes, and meat for more than 10 years.
Co-founder of SENATE
Alexander Berezovoy
  • Businessman since 2007.

  • 13 years of successful partnership with Oleg Kalashnikov in all businesses.

  • Professional coach certificated by Canadian University.

  • By the age of 25, he had managed more than 100 employees.

  • There were about 20 businesses in the areas of network marketing, credit brokerage to manufacturing, and an online construction aggregator.

  • Author of educational programs.

  • Speaker.

  • Main business directions: production and education.
Project Manager
Alina Ohrimovich
  • Project manager and experienced supervisor in several areas: offline business, IT, online education.

  • Co-founder of Eco-coworking since 2017.

  • Yoga coach, coordinator of yoga projects.

  • Author of an online course on yoga and self-development.

  • MBA graduate.

  • An Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program graduate of Czech University.
Project Manager Assistant
Arina Ryskal

  • Client manager in online business.

  • Project manager in personal business projects.

  • Founder of the art project.

  • Stage I of Gestalt Therapy.

  • MBA graduate.
Sales Manager
Sergii Danilenko
  • Specialist in marketing and sales management.

  • 15 years of experience in promotion of major international projects.

  • Sales management with turnover from $1M/year.

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies and sales funnels in 20+ niches.

  • Producing educational and coaching projects in 10+ niches.

  • Travel, yoga, sports, vegetarianism.
Irina Povalyaeva
  • The head of the Kharkiv region of @womens.union.ukraine.

  • Founder of the educational platform CREATION EXPERT.

  • Entrepreneur with 16 years of experience.

  • Master of NLP, twice certified coach.

  • Business coach, author, and host of training programs.
Brand Manager
Eugen Ivanov
  • CEO of billions-x, a company that packages businesses, products, and brands. The cases include billion-dollar companies with global names.

  • Worked with the largest hotel complex in the world and other large-scale business projects.

  • Developed a franchise and technology for the production of plant-based artificial meat.

  • Co-writer of the bestseller "S-class. Ride to Heaven." which was reviewed by Alfred Ford (grandson of Henry Ford, founder of the FORD automobile concern).
Head of Charity Department
Elizaveta Fauzer
  • Director of the charity organization Ostrovok Dobra.

  • Entrepreneur and TV host.

  • Co-founder of the cleaning company Cleaninghouse.

  • Author and producer of the TV project "Women Transformation".

  • Creator of Woman Club, an online platform for women.

  • The host of charity master classes in floristry and decorating.
    Business Development Manager
    Maksim Holovakhin

    • CO-founder of Tecor.

    • Project Manager in eHold.

    • Top manager at Basket trading chain, GlobalLogic,

    • Graduate of DYB SCHOOL (Swedish School of Economics).

    • Corporate management expert.

    • Expert in business process design and digital transformation.

    • Built management systems for 10+ companies.
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